Black Pudding & Smoked Fish, with Hollandaise Sauce


On 03 September, 2016, three very special things happened.

The first was that I met my sister again for the first time in almost fifteen years. The second was that this happened at her wedding. The third is that one of the options for the starter at the meal was Black Pudding, Smoked Fish, and Hollandaise Sauce. Oh sweet baby Jesus!

Well I won’t bore you with how we came to be estranged for so long, and it’s not my place to share the details of her special day…. but I’m damned well sure I’m gonna share this beauty of a recipe with you!

Make sure you get a bit of everything on each forkful! The slightly sweet Hollandaise is countered perfectly by the smoke and salt of the fish, and the earthiness of the Black Pudding.

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Pan-Fried Chicken Breast with Sesame Seeds and a Mango Hollandaise


I was very nervous about this recipe, as it’s a MasterChef one (from 2007 quarter-finalist Jaye Wakelin, apparently). It was much easier than I feared, though, and even tastier!

I’ve seen about a million different ways to make Hollandaise (boom! I rhymed!) but this is amongst the easiest, even with the inclusion of fresh mango. This is certainly one for when you want to impress, and my only regret is that it didn’t photograph better!

So what you waiting for? Get your sauce on!

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Huevos a la Benedictina


It was only a matter of time.

Anybody who’s been within 50 yards of me in the last 18 months, will know that I have a border-line addiction to Eggs Benedict. There’s only one food that I love more. Choooorrrriiiiiizzooooooo!

Erm. So I combined them? And gave them a fancy-shmancy Spanish name.

Despite my love for this gift from the gods, I’ve always been terrified of trying to make my own Hollandaise sauce. I’d heard horror stories of how easily the sauce splits, and general nightmares of that nature. The good news is… it’s eeeeeasy!

This twist on the classic recipe is more or less true to the version in the MasterChef Kitchen Bible, with the exception of the chorizo addition, but you can pretty much guarantee there will be more experimentation to come!

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