Naughty & Nice Ferrero Rocher Cake


In the month of December, I’ve wanted to try putting together an alternative Christmas Menu that calls upon traditional flavours, but with a modern twist. For dessert, I wanted something a bit lighter than the normal Christmas pudding. I’d been thinking along the lines of a plum Panna Cotta or something like that, until Jay (who needs to tweet more) declared “it’s gotta be something to do with Ferrero Rocher!”

Ferrero Rocher has undoubtedly become one of the UKs newest Christmas traditions in the last two or three decades (how long does it take for something to be considered a tradition?), and one that my household certainly embraced. Since I was a little boy, I always received these amazing little sweets at Christmas time. I can remember only one Christmas without them, which brought tears, great heartache, and much questioning over Santa’s existence. It never happened again after that, as let’s face it… nobody wants to see a man in his thirties reduced to tears on Christmas Day.

I can’t take any credit for creating this recipe… I found it on the interwebs, and felt compelled to try it as it was… this is a straight take on that recipe.

Now the original recipe calls this a mousse, but I don’t think my technique was great; I’ve never made a mousse and seem to have battered all the air out of it. It’s somewhat more dense, and has the consistency of a cheesecake without the cheese. That said, it’s still light, but don’t let that fool you! There’s so much chocolate and cream in here that it’s incredibly decadent. It’s so rich that you probably won’t need (or want) a large serving of it, but on the taste and luxury front, it’s a perfect way to round off your Christmas Dinner!

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Dark Chocolate & Apricot Tart


I guess it’s fair enough to say that the TidyMunch recipes so far have been extremely savoury-centric! I thought something a little sweeter was long overdue, so feast your eyes on this beauty!

I’m not much of a baker (I consider myself particularly poor at those skills, to be fair) but when I read about this, I just had to give it a go. And I’m so glad I did…. this is up there with the tidiest of all tidy munches! The slightly sharp fruitiness of the apricot brings a nice balance to the dark chocolate, with it’s potential for bitterness. The pastry is crumbly, sweet and delicious, and the overall tart is remarkably light in texture and taste.

The recipe is adapted (quite closely) from the one in Moro The Cookbook by Sam & Sam Clark. Being an artsy-fartsy pretentious sort, I’ve included it in the main photo for this recipe. It’s a beautiful book to look at, well written, and some of the recipes look very good indeed. I’d originally intended to buy it for my mum’s birthday – I wanted to get her a tagine and also some recipes – I saw this book when I was searching on Amazon, but couldn’t find a list of contents. I decided not to risk it, but was so intrigued that I bought it for myself. And just as well, because: a) There was only one tagine recipe which would’ve made for a rubbish present; and b) It has this amazing recipe in it, right?

Now I’d love to stay and chat a bit longer, but there’s chocolate tart downstairs that isn’t gonna eat itself!

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