Pao de Queijo


I think I’m in love, and if you’re a fan of cheese, you will be too! These puffy cheese delights are irresistibly crisp on the outside, and deliciously chewy on the inside. I’ve lifted this from Cabana The Cookbook again, and you’ll find out why in the Tidy Tweaks section.

The key to this recipe is the flour. I couldn’t find Cassava flour anywhere, apart from some toasted/roasted stuff that I didn’t think was the same… I thought this was more like a topping for other dishes. David Ponte, Lizzy Barber & Jamie Barber do advise that Tapioca flour is a suitable alternative… and I did eventually manage to track some of that down (in the end, I found it in the “free from” section, as it’s gluten-free!)

It’s a really simple recipe, so well worth hunting down the flour!

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OMG BBQ Pulled Pork


This week’s recipe is definitely of the “tastes better than it looks” variety. Despite the time it takes to cook, it’s actually really really easy to make, and well worth the wait! I adapted this from a BBC GoodFood recipe – without changing it too much. The changes I did make were down to ingredient availability rather than any specific preference.

Now, this takes a while, so go on! Get started!

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Dark Chocolate & Apricot Tart


I guess it’s fair enough to say that the TidyMunch recipes so far have been extremely savoury-centric! I thought something a little sweeter was long overdue, so feast your eyes on this beauty!

I’m not much of a baker (I consider myself particularly poor at those skills, to be fair) but when I read about this, I just had to give it a go. And I’m so glad I did…. this is up there with the tidiest of all tidy munches! The slightly sharp fruitiness of the apricot brings a nice balance to the dark chocolate, with it’s potential for bitterness. The pastry is crumbly, sweet and delicious, and the overall tart is remarkably light in texture and taste.

The recipe is adapted (quite closely) from the one in Moro The Cookbook by Sam & Sam Clark. Being an artsy-fartsy pretentious sort, I’ve included it in the main photo for this recipe. It’s a beautiful book to look at, well written, and some of the recipes look very good indeed. I’d originally intended to buy it for my mum’s birthday – I wanted to get her a tagine and also some recipes – I saw this book when I was searching on Amazon, but couldn’t find a list of contents. I decided not to risk it, but was so intrigued that I bought it for myself. And just as well, because: a) There was only one tagine recipe which would’ve made for a rubbish present; and b) It has this amazing recipe in it, right?

Now I’d love to stay and chat a bit longer, but there’s chocolate tart downstairs that isn’t gonna eat itself!

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Huevos a la Benedictina


It was only a matter of time.

Anybody who’s been within 50 yards of me in the last 18 months, will know that I have a border-line addiction to Eggs Benedict. There’s only one food that I love more. Choooorrrriiiiiizzooooooo!

Erm. So I combined them? And gave them a fancy-shmancy Spanish name.

Despite my love for this gift from the gods, I’ve always been terrified of trying to make my own Hollandaise sauce. I’d heard horror stories of how easily the sauce splits, and general nightmares of that nature. The good news is… it’s eeeeeasy!

This twist on the classic recipe is more or less true to the version in the MasterChef Kitchen Bible, with the exception of the chorizo addition, but you can pretty much guarantee there will be more experimentation to come!

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Spicy Sausage & Mushroom Risotto


Today’s recipe is a fat club one from Weight Watchers, and is very much in demand amongst my friends and family! Hearty, and big on flavour, it’s one of those that you could lie about to feed hungry men who turn up their noses at “diet food!”

This is one of my favourites, as it’s so easy. Although it takes a littler longer than most of the recipes I share here, it’s definitely a go-to one for me. It lives at the “fatter” end of the “diet” spectrum, but that makes it feel like a worthy meal after a day full of exercise, and stops me “treating” myself with chocolate and naughties!

So whether you’re dieting or just plain hungry, get your cook on!

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